Friday, March 30, 2012

Life in NC

So I have been getting a lot of questions about the ward and daily life.

Our ward technically has 600 members, but only 33% show up. We (the whole ward, us included) are working on cleaning up the records and contacting all the less active members to see what happened to them and why they don't come to church anymore. Our area is huge, we drove 30 minutes the other day and were still well within our boundary. There are a lot of amazing members and some that aren't so helpful, but it's like that in every ward. We have so much support from the leaders that the work moves along easily.

A typical day for me goes something like this. We get up each morning and run for 30 minutes. Sometimes, I feel like dad, running ahead and doing pushups or something since I run faster than Sister G., but she is totally getting faster. I'm not pushing her, but it is something she wouldn't mind being better at. Then we get ready and do personal study for an hour, and then companion study for two hours. Since I'm new, we have to do two hours of comp study, which drives me insane becasue I can't stand sitting for that long. But we always have good study. Then we make calls and get things ready, have some lunch and then we are out the door. Some days we have appointments, some days we don't. but we always have a list of people to visit. Either less active members, or referrals, or we pull names out of the "former investigator" book. Everyone deserves a second chance and we are careful to stay away from the people who said not to come back, but contact the ones that just dropped off the face of the planet. And while we are in the area, we knock doors. We have a giant map and every evening we highlight where we have been - our goal is to have an entirely yellow map.

Ashley also asked about our house-mate. Sister C. is probably in her 50s, *maybe* older. She is a CPA and is working non-stop right now, but always has time to talk with us. She knows everyone in the ward and who their family is and their life story. She comes out with us for lessons sometimes or takes us to dinner. She gives me PB. She also loves a good deal, so she has a lot of stuff that she just gives us because it was on sale or something. She is constantly giving to other people. She told us our first night something like "I'm wealthy, but I'm frugal." And it's true.

Something that has come to my attention is food storage and being prepared. I am just beginning to fully realize how bad everything is going to have to get before it gets better. When was the last time we even looked at all that wheat we have under the island? Do we even know how to cook with it? I was reading an Ensign article about how this woman learned how to make cheese with powdered milk.

For Mom and Dad: Thank you sooo much for the package. The apple rings taste like the ones we bought in Germany, though these are more chewey. The skirt is perfect, and it is so nice to have the GPS mount. Sister G. doesn't have to turn around as much when she can see the street coming up on the GPS - for some reason, my saying "turn at the next street" and Gary repeating it millions of times doesn't get into her head. But I love her. We have had a few experiences this week that have just led us to know that we were meant to be companions for each other. Not huge experiences, but just the little things. We work really well together and help each othe out in the best way.

I love my family!!!!! The Book of Mormon is true. READ IT! and then PRAY to ask if it is true.

Also, do you have your questions ready for conference next week? If you come with specific and relevant questions, it's amazing how they will be answered.

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