Sunday, February 19, 2012

Surprise MTC pics and a letter!

We got our first letter from Laura on Saturday, followed on Sunday by some pictures taken by my mother's dear friend Gigi. Gigi and her husband have been in callings at the MTC and she managed to find Laura in the mass of students. Thanks, Gigi!

 Remember, you can send Laura a letter at the address in the right sidebar, or go to and put in her information to write her a letter electronically. Dear Elder prints the letter and delivers it to the MTC with same-day service if you submit before noon. This service is FREE, though they ask for donations if possible. Laura's P-Day (Preparation Day, or, the day she is allowed to write and send letters) is Wednesday for her time at the MTC.

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Laura's letter:

Dear Family,
I am alive and well. Just barely made my flight! Katie, Kayley, Sadie, and I went to Subway, then took a picture at the temple, then screamed to the MTC.  It was fun. Since they kept the energy up, I couldn't get nervous.

My companion is Sister Wilson and she is going to North Carolina with me. I think she is actually the solution to the odd numbers. She moved up her MTC day by six weeks. I love her enthusiasm. Also, my purple dress-- she has. And my orange turtleneck thingy she has in purple.

They have extra morning exercise for the sisters. This morning was yoga at 6am and it felt so good to move. Tomorrow is kickboxing. Pilates on Saturday, then we have gym time everyday (except P-Day). I haven't experienced that yet.

Our District Leaders are really nice. One of them has a knit TARDIS hat (I got a pic). They are all going to Finland. Helpful boys elders are everywhere! They bus our trays and hold doors. Everyone says "Good morning" to each other.  Wearing a dork dot is a bit like wearing an "I'm Celebrating" pin at Disneyland; everyone welcomes you to the MTC.

The food is eh, but there is PB!

Our lessons have been a lot about seeing people as God does and understand why they, specifically, are important to Him. Just something for you to think about.

I love my family, miss you terribly, but working hard.

Sister Benning

Hehe! I have a nametag! :)

"The worth of souls is great in the sight of God." D&C 18:10

Laura and her companion

Laura and Gigi

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