Monday, April 30, 2012

Missionary Work

Time flies when you are having fun! This week has just flown by. We taught 17 lessons - which is way big. The biggest news is that E and her four oldest children have a baptismal date for May 19th! There are still a lot of struggles, but we all have them. I love teaching that family, especially the girls. They are so interested and just love to hear more. They have the best questions.

We have been meeting with a lot of less active members. Sometimes they just say something like "that was a long time ago, I'm not interested right now." Sometimes it's more fun. There was a mother/daughter (70s and 50s?) who just talked over each other and were all over the place in their topics. Then the mother briefly read sister G's palm and told her that she would have a long life and had many trials and something big is coming her way. She looked at me (not even my hand) and started asking about if I was married. I said "No, I'm a missionary." Then she said to be careful who I marry, my second husband would be great. I am also going to have three children. The daughter remembered more about church and paid more attention when we started talking Gospel things. It was a fun experience.

We also got to start someone on the Stop Smoking Program the church has. Which is seriously amazing. Vitamin C and grapefruit juice and cinnamon gum mixed with prayer and scripture study and a good diet. Good stuff. I think we are going to go do yard work with her later this week.

I had the most amazing insight the other day. Christ didn't come to Earth *because* Adam and Eve ate the fruit. Rather he was always going to come and they knew that they had to eat the fruit in order to help all us out. "adam fell that men might...have joy." The greatest joy we have is in our Savior. This life is a time to learn and grow and the only way we could grow is if we left the nest - left the presence of God. Like when a person goes off to College, there is so much growth and learning in that trial time. We always have prayer/the phone to reach parents and they guide us and remind us of what is important.

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