Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Practicing the Piano Pays Off!

So I was thinking a few weeks ago how I really need to get up on my hymns, just to be ready. And lo and behold, the opportunity knocked. I played (not well) for two baptisms this week, for primary, and I will be playing on Sunday since the organist will be out of town. Yay for hymns and yay for Darlene :)

Tomorrow marks the beginning of my second transfer, Saturday was nerve-wracking because that's when we find out if we are being transferred. It was unlikely that either I or my companion would be transferred, but who knows! President doesn't even know for sure where everyone is going until he tells them at the transfer meeting on Tuesday. Changes are being made up until that point. They stop forwarding mail for the weekend so that if we do end up moving, there aren't mail issues. So if you sent anything, I may not have gotten it yet.

But, I did get a package from the Hugheses, full of Easter goodies (which I promptly devoured), from Joleen Hughes I got PB to go and lots of conference talks, and Jessi sent our journal :) And thank you to Brother Radding for the testimony journal. I don't know if I said that before, but I have it and am using it. I am a little behind on my letter writing, so I will get back to everyone who has written as soon as I can, but we aren't supposed to write except on P-day and boy, time flies on Mondays!

 On Thursday we had a Zone Conference/Activity Day. Basically, we had a few hours of instruction and talked a lot about revelation through prayer and missionary work. It was amazing. Then we went to a park where someone had prepared a half a pig for us - literally. Pictures to come. It's called a Pig Pickin' and it was good. Then we were split into groups and played volleyball, capture the flag, soccer, frisbee. It felt a little bit like a Benning Family Reunion. It was great to just run around and have fun.

Then that evening, we had dinner with a sister who comes out with us a lot. She made the most amazing Medeterranian feast! Hummus, tzatziki, pita bread, quinoa, greens, tomatos, falaffal. Such a break from the usual.

 I promise, we do missionary work in addition to having fun. We contacted some great people this week and have lessons for next week. It's weird to me  how full our weeks are. When I got here, we had to start from scratch, so our planners were empty, now it's hard to fit everything in. Just goes to show how the Lord is preparing his children to hear about the Gospel and to bring them to him.

 I've been studying up on Christlike attributes lately and this morning it was obedience. It is through obedience to the commandments that we are blessed. Someone said something recently that really hit me. She said that the commandments aren't just the ones found in the bible, but they are whatever the Lord tells YOU to do. You have to listen to the spirit and figure out what your, specific commandments are so that you can best become like Christ and be blessed. The goal is eternal life with God, but it requires us following the commandments. This is the hardest thing to get people to do. They are willing to listen to us, but not to act. Faith is active.

 I leave that thought with you in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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