Monday, June 4, 2012

So much driving!

So on Tuesday, we got a ride to Raleigh to drop off Sister G and pick up my new companion. Surprise! It's sister W again! My MTC companion. She is really fired up and I'm working to keep up with her but we are going to see miracles here. It's way different with a new companion but change can be good :)

E came to church! Testimony meeting was amazing and perfect - the Spirit was so strong. Quite a few of our lessons have been bailing out on us, though. We need to find more people to teach!

Then on Friday we had a sleepover with the Greenville sisters so that we could make it to Raleigh on time on Saturday. We had to be there around 8:30 and are not allowed to leave the Residence until 6:30. It was fun to be with the other sisters. Saturday was a mission conference with Elder Holland. It was amazing and, as tends to be the case with this particular Apostle, I walked out of there feeling soooo not good enough but ready to do better. He linked the Fall to the Atonement in such a simple way and it made the Plan of Salvation make sense. Before the fall, Adam and Eve were stuck. They could not have children in the Garden, they could talk with God, but had no progression. So they chose to progress, knowing that there would be a Savior who would come and allow them back in the presence of God, but in a position where they could have a family and learn and grow and progress. Heavenly Father really does love us.

The first thing we did when he walked in was everyone got a chance to shake his hand. He said that that was his interview with each of us. Back when the missionary force was much smaller, each of the missionaries were interviewed by an Apostle every year, but now, with 50,000 missionaries, it's a bit much. So in those few seconds, he is able to feel the spirit and allow himself to learn what the mission needs to hear.

For those of you that don't know, our church has 12 Apostles, just like Christ had apostles, and a prophet. These men are called of God to be special witnesses of Christ and they hold all the keys of the priesthood (or the power and authority to act in God's name).

Wednesday we did get lots of rain. We had to drive to our district meeting 45 minutes away and it was no fun - especially since I'm the driver now. But it was fun.

I got a lovely package from the Maneys and a note that was exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you.

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